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Media files from Project Natale (i.e., Fliers, EPK, Posters, etc.) are available on this web page and are downloadable by "clicking" on image or text links.

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 8x10 PDF  (as shown) w/ contact info

 8x10 PDF  (as shown)

w/ contact info
A PDF of Project Natale's EPK/Bio, which summarizes the group's origin, history and musical accomplishments. (Click Icon to access file).
A PDF outlining Project Natale's educational program; "Jazzin Thru The Years," which chronicles the history of Jazz. (Click Icon to access file).

Bio. Formed in 1998, Project Natale is a premiere, traditional JAZZ group, created by brothers Joseph and Lou Natale. Click Here for more details about the history of this brotherly collaboration.

Meet The Players. Music Director, Joseph F. Natale (Upright Bass), Lou Natale (Drums), Carl Cornwell (Tenor Sax) and Bob Butta (Piano) are Project Natale. More.

Community and Education. Cordially cater to Private Affairs. Our ambience could be your motif. Bring forth and enhance the learning of Jazz with music programs and private studies. More.